Free Advice for Pastors and Preachers

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Here’s some free advice for my fellow pastors and preachers. It came to me after I visited a church recently. 

If you’re a pastor, if you’re a male, if you’re trying to be relevant or hipster and connect with your congregation, please for the love of Jesus, don’t ever share in a sermon you are circumcised. Ever. Times sixty trillion.

I saw a pastor do this in his sermon. I almost had a heart attack. And rather than thinking about Jesus in church all I could think of was a random pastor’s man parts. I should probably go to confession. And therapy. 

Some things should never, ever, be said from the pulpit. This is one of them. 

Another thing you shouldn’t say from the pulpit is that the main point of your sermon is “exegetically and theologically incorrect, but it makes for a great point, so I’m gonna peach is anyway.” 

This is why I will only be a one-time visitor to this church. 

So, just some free friendly advice for all you out there.