I’m a professional actor turned ordained minister, an extroverted contemplative, a university chaplain, an author and blogger, a lover of cities, a 3w4, an ESFJ, vegan, father, and husband.




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Extroverted Contemplative | University Chaplain | Lover of cities

Author | Preacher | Pastor | Pietist | Vegan | Father | Husband

3w4 | ESFJ | And some other stuff, too

I am a professional actor turned ordained preacher and pastor, a turn I never thought my life would take. Although I miss my acting life, I found a deep passion in preaching, a joy in pastoring, and a love for writing. I am married to Kate and we have two sons, Foster and Theo, all of whom make my life better. 

After earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre Performance from Rockford University and spending years performing across the country, I entered graduate school at North Park Theological Seminary to complete my Master of Divinity. Since then, I have worked as a pastor at a church in Rhode Island, a campus minister at North Park University, a pediatric chaplain at a hospital in Chicago, and as the Director of Pastoral Care and Counseling with The Marin Foundation.

Currently, I'm the Associate Chaplain in the Spiritual Life Center at the University of Lynchburg and have recently completed a Certificate in Spiritual Transformation from The Transforming Center. In my free time I dream about earning a D.Min.

Once upon a time, I had a viral blog post about hugging a man in his underwear, which eventually, along with my master's thesis, became the catalyst for my book. Some people loved the blog post and the book. Some others thought it made me a heretic. I also hosted a podcast for a while.  

I maintain a plant-based diet, try to live a minimalist lifestyle, am increasingly drawn to contemplative and liturgical spiritual practices, have a deep love for cities, am passionate about all things personal growth and personality tests (Enneagram: 3w4; Myers-Briggs: ESFJ; StrengthFinders Top 5: Achiever, Input, Maximizer, Empathy, Communication; StandOut 2.0: Creator, Connector), and have a mild obsession with searching for sea glass, as I believe it to be the perfect illustration of the Gospel.

And, probably most importantly, I love the Oxford comma.